Friday Five: Five + Five Resupply Points, No Hitching, No Problem

Five months before my start date and I’m contemplating resupply.

Resupply is a big topic.  Today I just wanted to share a tiny chunk.

I offer five + five (ten!) resupply points along the AT that are, literally, along the AT.  No hitchhiking required.  You hardly have to break stride because you’ll be walking right past many of them anyway.  

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Friday Five: 5 Things to do 5 Months before You Hike

Each week I'll be sharing five things about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail that I've discovered, learned, heard about, realized or gleaned as I'm immersed in planning my own thru-hike.

This week, I share five things to do five months before you get on the trail.  Number five may surprise you!

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