Day 8: Red Things


Red day lily at the Top of Georgia Hostel in Hiawassee. 

I nearoed in to Top of Georgia this morning and finally got a coveted cup of hot coffee (mediocre, but there was real cream to liven it up) and an even more coveted hot shower.  I was in there for a very long time.

Dang if the Boy Scouts didn’t catch up to me here.

Scrubs—not a selling point, man.

Also, they give you scrubs to wear while they do your laundry.   It’s actually a selling point!  I declined, having decided to be done with health care and, by extension, hideous, hideous scrubs for EVER.  In town, though, I spotted a couple of hikers in scrubs hobbling away from the grocery, looking a little lost and vaguely like they’d escaped the mental hospital.  

Like I said, not a selling point! 

More red things:


Red toad. 




Wild azaleas. 




Fire pinks. 




Leftover from last year?