To be, or not to be. Miserable, that is.

A big part of preparing for a thru-hike and setting oneself up for success lies in getting your head right.  

Once you’re prepared mentally and you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that it’s going to be tough--maybe even the hardest thing you've ever done--then you can make some choices about what you’ll do, or what you’ll carry, to vanquish misery.

Some of it fits in your pack.  But some of it doesn't weigh an ounce.

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Essential Oils on the Trail...For the Sake of the Knees

Setting yourself up for a successful thru-hike means anticipating some of the unfortunate events that could happen and preparing yourself accordingly, like GI disasters or infected blisters.

Having at least a rudimentary first aid kit in your pack is a good idea.

I'm not one for pharmaceuticals, though I do love a good hit of Advil once in a while, so in this post I give you some essential oil alternatives to popping pills on the trail.

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Foot Balm Recipe to Refresh Trail-Weary Feet

So when the day is done, and many miles have been hiked in unforgiving footwear, I like to give my little piggies a special treat.  

I like to massage them with my special Thru-Hiker Foot Balm.

I wanted to share my special Foot Balm recipe with you because I want your feet to be pampered and appreciated, too.

Your feet are going to LOVE this!

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