Powders and Potions to Round Out a Pop-Tart Fueled Hike

Heads up, nutrition sticklers! We'll need more than PopTarts to fuel this thing known as a thru hike. Here are the nutrition powerhouses I'll have with me on my 2,000 mile stroll.  

I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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What are Your Favorite Trail Panties?

What you put on your booty matters out on the trail.  

Especially for women who find themselves, ahem, repositioning their booty-covers many times a day as they strive to stay hydrated on a long trek.

I've found the secret that makes pulling up after a pee a delight, even when you're sweaty and everything is soggy and wet down there.

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Essential Oils on the Trail...For the Sake of the Knees

Setting yourself up for a successful thru-hike means anticipating some of the unfortunate events that could happen and preparing yourself accordingly, like GI disasters or infected blisters.

Having at least a rudimentary first aid kit in your pack is a good idea.

I'm not one for pharmaceuticals, though I do love a good hit of Advil once in a while, so in this post I give you some essential oil alternatives to popping pills on the trail.

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Friday Five: Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Thru-Hiker

What will you put under your favorite hiker's tree this year?  I've got ideas!

(Hint, hint, Honey!)

Five splurges.  Five stocking stuffers.  And five for the DIYer.

You can't go wrong with anything on the list and there's something for every budget.  Happy Giving!

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Friday Five: Five + Five Resupply Points, No Hitching, No Problem

Five months before my start date and I’m contemplating resupply.

Resupply is a big topic.  Today I just wanted to share a tiny chunk.

I offer five + five (ten!) resupply points along the AT that are, literally, along the AT.  No hitchhiking required.  You hardly have to break stride because you’ll be walking right past many of them anyway.  

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What's in My Bounce Box

If I can't wear a towel while I'm doing laundry on the trail, what will I wear?

Such is the the dilemma of the thru-hiker, who only has one set of clothes (that desperately need washing).

For this, some genius invented the bounce box.

What is it and what do I put in it?  Today, I answer the question.

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