Friday Fave: The Rim of the Gap

The Rim of the Gap trail lets you experience a southern style escarpment, or what I call a cliff.

It was a day of chutes and ladders, cliffs and boulders.

And it was a day serenaded by the sound of water dripping off rocks.

In other words, I've found another Top Ten hike close to home and full of wonderful things that's a near-perfect thru-hike training ground.  This hike is FUN!

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Friday Fave: Why in the world would you want to do that?

This was our first overnighter in the White Mountains this season.  Steve Smith, the guru of all things White Mountain hiking, called this one “the most grueling section of the AT in the White Mountains.”

Oh, goody!

This should be fun.

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Friday Fave: Camp on a Cliff, Hope Boulders Stay Put

Mt. Guyot transformed from Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll overnight. 

Today, we got skies parting, angels singing and a glorious day for a walk in the wood.

Plus, cornbread.

It doesn't get any better than that.

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Friday Fave: Franconia Ridge, White Mountains, NH

This was day two of a five-day trip along the Appalachian Trail through the White Mountains, from Franconia Notch to Crawford Notch.

Apparently the rumors of White Mountain ruggedness and ability to challenge even the most seasoned hikers start way down in Georgia. 

But I learned a few years ago that TIARAS give you secret hiking super powers.

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Friday Fave: The Trombatore Trail

The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy has been quietly buying up land and putting in into conservation easements and we in Western NC are the more fortunate for their work.  

In the twenty years I've lived here, I've never hiked in this area.  

And now there are at least three hikes that are in the rotation and more to explore, thanks to the CMLC.

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Friday Fave: Overnighter on the Art Loeb

Every day you get to spend walking and dreaming and celebrating your badassery is a good day.

This training hike was a good two days in spite of the challenge.

Or maybe because of it.

This is a GREAT hike for training for an Appalachian Trail thru-hike because it is EXACTLY like a typical day on the trail would be....HARD.

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Friday Fave: Art Loeb to The Narrows, Shining Rock Wilderness

I'd planned a 10-miler, but then face planted in so many spider webs that I opted for more miles through a fun section of the Art Loeb Trail.

No more spider webs.  Just some amazing fungi and miniature fairyland moments on moss-covered nursery trees.

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