A 4-Pronged Plan for Getting My Body Ready to Tackle the Trail

I’m 15 weeks out from stepping on the trail.

I’d been strapping on my pack and taking training hikes in the NC mountains until it got coldish and dark and I got busy with indoorsy things—researching gear, making freezer bag meals, bingeing on Goliath and Catastrophe.

And studiously avoiding anything that would prepare my physical self for a 2,000 mile hike.

I’m embarrassed by the butt-shaped indentation in my sofa and have only recently realized...

The shit’s about to get real!

So I'm getting real about my training plan.  

Head on over to The Trek to see how this bona fide Physical Therapist (licensed in two states!) is training for her thru-hike.

We've got some climbing ahead of us...better get off the sofa and get ready.