Friday Fave: Art Loeb to The Narrows, Shining Rock Wilderness


Trail:  Little East Fork to Shining Rock, then the Art Loeb through the Narrows to Deep Gap to Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp.  

Distance:  12 Miles (woot!)

Elevation:  2,500 feet

Date Hiked:  8/19/16


I'd planned a 10-miler, but then face planted in so many spider webs then had to bushwhack through wild blackberries going up the Little East Fork trail that I opted for more miles through a fun section of the Art Loeb Trail.

No more spider webs.  Just some amazing fungi and miniature fairyland moments on moss-covered nursery trees.

It reminds me of Whoville.  Where's Horton?

It reminds me of Whoville.  Where's Horton?

It was as big as a dessert plate.

It was as big as a dessert plate.

Stacked like legos.

Stacked like legos.

Not many people on the trail, today.  

A pack of sodden, yet still ebullient, teens who spent a wet night at Shining Rock.  

A guy with a leg cramp "getting in some miles."

A threesome looking for water.  Apparently the spring on top of Cold Mountain isn't running at the moment.

And then there were these:

On the way back to my car, this pair of abandoned boots sat forlornly off to the side of the road, in the parking area.  

I suspect someone changed into their comfy shoes after the hike and will now have a mystery to solve the next time they go looking for their boots.

Either that or the owner had suffered his last blister from these monsters and drove off in a huff, leaving them to fend for themselves.