In 2017, I hiked 1,800 miles of the Appalachian Trail as a flip-flop hike.  I started in Grayson Highlands State Park on April 26 and hiked north, making it as far as Rangley, Maine before a knee injury forced me off the trail.  I'd been pushing too hard through the Whites, trying to meet a deadline and going too fast for my body.  After three weeks off the trail, with my knee mostly recovered, it was too late to finish Maine, so I flipped back to Grayson Highlands and hiked south as far as Davenport Gap, thinking the whole time how I would do things differently in the future. 

I decided one of the things I'd do differently is slow down and savor the journey more.  Once again, though, I found myself pushing to get through it rather than taking my time to enjoy (because it was effing cold in October and the days were getting short and I had to sprint through swarms of yellow jackets at least once a day).  I decided to end my hike on October 16, vowing to finish both ends of the AT in the summer of 2018 and vowing to take my time and savor the journey in a way that's difficult to do when you set out to walk 2,200 miles in a season.  These are some images from my 2017 journey on the AT.

This page is a work in progress, so keep checking back.  As time allows, I'll be adding more photos from my time on the trail.