1000 miles.JPG


Well, that happened.

Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail introduced me to long distance hiking, with which I'm now utterly smitten.  Not to mention a full-throttle respect for anyone who gets up every day, rain, snow, shine or hangover, and walks 15 or 20 miles.

So far, I've hiked 1,752 of the 2,190 miles that make up the Appalachian Trail.  I was sidelined by injuries and tangents and a desire to hike my own hike.  Sidelined, not stopped.  I have plans to return to finish at a pace that allows me to explore and savor and make art along the way. 

And, having had a reorganization of my priorities over the six months I spent hiking, I've created more space in my life, and more initiative, to pursue some of my other tangents, like

  • sketchbook journaling.
  • converting a van into a CAMPERVAN!  And living the van life when it's complete.
  • exploring other long trails with an eye towards claiming the triple tiara prize.
  • helping other women prepare for and complete a long distance hike.
  • writing about all of it in a daily blog, this daily blog.