Gear Review: Lightheart Solo Tent

I finally had a chance to try out my new tent, the Lightheart Gear Solo, this past week on an overnight trek along the Art Loeb Trail.  (Two words:  ball buster.  The hike, not the tent.)

Here's what I thought about it--the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Gear Review: Klymit Static V Insulated Ultra Light Pad

And Ruby’s hips gonna hafta be happy when she's sleeping out in the woods.

So when I bought a sleeping pad sight unseen off the interwebs, I didn't hold my breath.

But I'm really pleased with my new Klymit pad.  Keep reading to find out why and to see how it compares to the most popular ultralight sleeping pad on the market.

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What's in My Backpacking Kitchen

My motto is "Hike Strong.  Hike Long.  Hike Happy."  

And to achieve it, you have to navigate the delicate balancing act of paring down what's in your pack but still saving room for little luxuries that will satisfy the happy part of this equation. 

On the one hand, lightening your load will help you hike long.

On the other hand, eating well on the trail is, for me, near the pinnacle of hiking happy. 

I've pared my trail kitchen down to a tiny, cozied package, so read on to see what's inside.

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Umbrella on a Thru-Hike, yes or no?

I'm training for my upcoming Appalachian Trail thru-hike and I'm fortunate to live in a place that makes training easy and fun.

It's also wet here.  Which leaves me thinking about rain-gear.  A LOT.

Today I ponder the pros and cons of carrying an umbrella on a 2,000 mile hike.  Read on to see if an umbrella is something you might consider, too.

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Trail Runners for Thru-Hiking, Yes or No?

I'm training for my 2017 Appalachian Trail thru-hike and I realized I don't have to be a martyr for 2,000 miles.  At least not where my feet are concerned.  I need to treat them well because I'm counting on them for so much.  

When I realized my boots might be doing me more harm than good, I took cues from the thru-hikers I crossed paths with last year in New Hampshire.  I'm training in trail runners and I've got the Pro/Con breakdown on the blog, today.

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