Powders and Potions to Round Out a Pop-Tart Fueled Hike

Heads up, nutrition sticklers! We'll need more than PopTarts to fuel this thing known as a thru hike. Here are the nutrition powerhouses I'll have with me on my 2,000 mile stroll.  

I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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A Formula for Eating Well on the Trail (And a Free Cookbook for You)

Enough, already.  No more Chili Mac!

Customize your own freeze dried meals and eat exactly the food that nourishes you and titillates your taste buds after a long day on the trail.

It's simple.  It's easy.  And there's no actual cooking involved?

I’ve cracked the freeze-dried meal code and today I give you the formula I use for putting together meals that you’ll actually be excited to eat.

Fire up your pocket-rocket...dinner's on.

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What's in My Backpacking Kitchen

My motto is "Hike Strong.  Hike Long.  Hike Happy."  

And to achieve it, you have to navigate the delicate balancing act of paring down what's in your pack but still saving room for little luxuries that will satisfy the happy part of this equation. 

On the one hand, lightening your load will help you hike long.

On the other hand, eating well on the trail is, for me, near the pinnacle of hiking happy. 

I've pared my trail kitchen down to a tiny, cozied package, so read on to see what's inside.

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Freezer Bag Recipe: Sweet Potato Porridge

Picky enough that eating out isn't a recreational activity we indulge in that often because I generally prefer my own cooking.  Food snob!

So it's a given that I'll be preparing many of my own meals and sending them to myself at mail drops along the way.

Here is my first recipe.  It's a little breakfast ditty I composed for you called Sweet Potato Porridge. 

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